Winograd Award

The Winograd Award was established in 2017, to honor Leonard Winograd’s 30 years of teaching excellence at CCD and for his contributions to CCD’s Ourglass publication. This yearly award recognizes excellence in creative writing by a CCD student whose work is published in Ourglass as selected by CCD faculty.

One of the greatest opportunities Leonard offered students was the chance to be involved in Ourglass, CCD’s literacy magazine. Leonard championed a vision of the importance of student voice and personal expression on campus through his work on Ourglass. In doing so, he opened the door for many students who otherwise would not have had a forum to share their personal experiences and stories- he let students know that their voices were important.

Requirements, Terms & Conditions:

• Recipient must complete the CCD scholarship application
• Accept the scholarship’s terms & conditions through CCD’s scholarship portal.
• Write a “Thank You” letter and upload it through CCD’s scholarship portal.

Family and Friends of Leonard Winograd - CCD Foundation