Freda T. Roof Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Freda T. Roof Memorial and Yngve Hanson Distribution Fund benefits “worthy and needy” students who are obtaining a college or university education in Colorado. Ms. Roof’s desired to assist these students in defraying expenses of tuition, fees, living and transportation costs, and other expenses necessary to the education of individuals selected by the colleges and universities. She expressed sincere hope that the individuals selected as recipients of assistance will be of such character that they will feel a strong moral obligation to repay the amount received in order that the benefits may be continued over a substantial time.

Requirements, Terms & Conditions:
• Complete the CCD scholarship application
• Demonstrate financial need by completing the FAFSA or CASFA
• Maintain satisfactory academic progress at CCD
• Accept the scholarship’s terms & conditions through CCD’s scholarship portal by Census Date.
• Write a “Thank You” letter and upload it through CCD’s scholarship portal by Census Date.