Chris Budden Scholarship

The Chris Budden Scholarship was established to honor Dr. Budden upon his retirement from CCD. Needs/based awards are available for students enrolled in welding or machining, as well as veterans enrolled in Criminal Justice, Business or Accounting.

Requirements, Terms & Conditions:

• Applicants must be enrolled in a welding/machining program OR be a veteran enrolled in Criminal Justice, Business, or Accounting programs.
• Maintain 2.50 GPA or higher and enrolled in at least 3 credit hours.
• Demonstrate financial need by completing the FAFSA
• Maintain satisfactory academic progress at CCD
• Accept the scholarship’s terms & conditions through CCD’s scholarship portal.
• Write a Thank You letter and upload it through CCD’s scholarship portal.
• Upload a digital image of yourself
• Upload Photo/Video Release Form
• Write a short bio of yourself, including your hometown, any hobbies or interesting facts, and skills/talents that you have that may set you apart from others. This is your scholarship brag bio, so include anything you would like the donor to know about you
• Fill out the CCD Foundation Scholarship Consent Form

The Chris Budden Scholarship