Dr. Everett Freeman Presidential Scholarship Endowment

Dr. Everette Freeman Presidential Scholarship Endowment

In honor of Dr. Everette Freeman’s outstanding leadership and service as President of Community College of Denver from 2013 – 2020, the Board of Community College of Denver Foundation has established The Dr. Everette Freeman Presidential Scholarship Endowment. The endowment is designed to support scholarships for students who best exemplify the persistence and aspirations of a CCD CityHawk through their academic achievements, campus leadership and community service.


  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to volunteer work and community service
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0
  • Demonstrate financial need by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Colorado Application for State Financial Aid (CASFA)
  • Be a second year student with a minimum of 15 completed credit hours.
    *Accept the scholarship’s terms & conditions through CCD’s scholarship portal
  • Write a “Thank You” letter and upload it through CCD’s scholarship portal
  • Submit scholarship contract
  • Upload a digital image of yourself
  • Submit the Photo/Video Release Form
  • Provide a short bio of yourself, including your hometown, any hobbies or interesting facts, and skills/talents that you have that may set you apart from others. This is your
    scholarship brag bio, so include anything you would like the donor to know about you
    Students must apply on a semester basis

Supplemental Questions
  1. Write an essay describing a recent experience you had when volunteering in the community. How you feel about your experience? Why do you think volunteering is important? In what way did the experience impact the way you think about your education and what you'd like to do in the future.
  2. Upload a letter of recommendation from a volunteer or community service supervisor that can speak to your dedication to the work you accomplished.