Displaced Homemaker Scholarship through KEYS

The KEYS scholarship program provides support and services to displaced homemakers to become self-sufficient. The KEYS Scholarship Program assist displaced homemakers with tuition, fees and required books that are for your major.

Eligibility applicants must meet the following qualifications: (In general, a displaced homemaker is generally a person who)

A displaced homemaker is someone who satisfies all of the following criteria:
• Provided unpaid servicers to family members in the home, (example a stay-at-home parent).
• Was supported by income from another family member but is no longer supported by that income.
• Is unemployed or underemployed and is having difficulty obtaining or upgrading employment .
• Is dependent on government assistance as the parent of dependent children, but is no longer eligible for assistance or will soon exhaust the assistance because the minor children are within two years of reaching age eighteen
• Applicants must maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher (academic records will be verified)
Displaced homemaker include any of the following
Divorced Disable spouse/caregiver Widowed
Unemployed spouse Separated Married or unmarried
Other circumstance/criteria will be evaluated case by case.

Priority Application Deadlines: Deadlines vary semester by semester due to scholarship demand, but are consistent with CCD’s census date. All applications received after the census date will be evaluated for the following semester

Supplemental Questions
  1. A one to two page essay must be submitted with your application. You may upload your essay when completing your application online. (Incomplete applications will be denied): 1.Please describe how you consider yourself a displaced homemaker and explain the loss of income that you were depended on. 2. What are your future career plans? 3. How do you plan to use your studies to achieve your future career plans?